Blockchain Innovation Lab

Change Agents

Technology based solutions that address the cultural, socioeconomic and ecological concerns of our times.

  • Ecological Solutions
  • Economic Development
  • Man-Machine Interfaces
  • Internet of Things


MTWT (Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday) is a blockchain innovation lab focused on technological disruption to help solve some of the fundamental challenges of the 21st century. Our disruptive philosophy is even represented in our name, in that we believe people are more productive when they have work-life balance. As such, we operate on a four day week - an approach that has demonstrated clear gains in cognitive skills, memory retention and creative output.

Our team has developed, branded, marketed and launched technology platforms, apps and products for some of the world’s biggest brands. Marketing and technology are the double helix in our DNA. We are the martech unicorns that every company wishes they could corral and clone.

As concerned citizens we see the risks humanity faces, and the governments crippled by inaction. We realize that it is down to entrepreneurs like us to connect the dots, and lead the way. Our unique blend of technical knowledge and marketing savvy will allow us to forge partnerships, and bring to market technologies that have the power to shift paradigms.

MTWT, Inc - Blockchain Innovation Lab

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